SUP & CATAMARAN – a unique paddleboard experience!


Live a Unique experience surrounded by nature in a 12 mt catamaran

Sail along sardinian coasts and paddle every day in the wonderful crystal waters of the best beaches of the mediterranean, and cunt falling stars every night from the catamaran’s top, surrounded by silence and your dreams.

24 September – 01 October 2022

One week with included food, cooking, paddleboarding, sailing basics, gasoline, port moorings, transfers, and the chance to book yoga classes every morning! You wll have to worry about nothing!

The Catamaran is a Lagoon 41, moored in Cagliari harbour in the heart of the city, just 15 minutes from Cagliari airport. We come pick you up, take you to the Catamaran, and the morning after we leave to wonderful destinations and paddleboarging experiences!

Every day a new location and a new emotion, shared with other 8 people like you and 4 people staff. This is something really special, with our hearts for you.


  • Starting off with the picking the adventurers from the airport and introducing the crew – guide and skipper.
  • Boarding the yacht and starting the sailing into the sunset. Well, we will try and make the introducing as enjoyable as possible.
  • We will take sups for a spin for the first time. Do not fret if you are not familiar with stand up paddling yet. We will introduce it in a friendly way in a calm bay.

  • Fresh breakfast and aromatic coffee are mandatory but the itinerary from there on is completely yours.
  • Just to give you a short list of ideas we are keen to include: mini excursions from the boat to find the calm bays, hiking to catch the most breathtaking views in the region, paddle boarding along the rocky coast and snorkeling in the crystal waters. All of those can be combined with sunbathing on the yacht, beach or the coast.
  • For the adventutrers and adrenaline seekers who do not see any thrill in the activities mentioned before we reccomend to try sup surfing on the waves created by yacht. Or testing out the windsupping.

  • The sad day of parting will bring us back to marina. Hopefully there will be no tears at saying goodbye to new friends.
  • We will drop you off at airport and send you home with some great memories.

In Catamaran without worries

No fixed timetable and no set course so every trip is an unique Adventure! With our paddle-boads we can explore the coast up close. We’ll paddle along the coast and visit hidden beaches, never knowing what lies around the corner. A truly SUPerb adventure!

We’ll sail in 4 or 5 berth 50 ft sailing yacht, which is fully equipped and very spacious. High quality materials and professional craftsman combine style, comfort and experience. The sailing yacht features the best sailing qualities, reliable workmanship, perfect style and practical space.

Organiser will take care for the food and drink shopping (make a menu, buy fresh and healthy food – lots of fruit and vegetables, health snacks) and prepare everything for the voyage. If you book the whole sailing yacht, we can hire a cook/hostess to prepare all meals for you.

If you have any special requests, please contact us and we will prepare an offer tailored to your needs.



Book before 31th May 2022 and you will get 100 euros off from normal price!!!
Pay €1899,00 instead of €1999,00.

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