Pilates is the best postural training for body balancing strengthening all the mussels connected to the back: abdomen, gluteus, adductors and lumbar area.

SUP Pilates is an even more effective method to practice this kind of training that encourages to use the mind to control the mussels.

And which place is better than a board surrounded by the sea and eith the wind blowing in your hair to relax your mind and concentrate on your body?

SUP Pilates is a fulfilling experience for bosy and mind!

Sup Pilates classes

in July and August, for 1 hour twice a week on tuesdays and thursdays at 4.30 pm, in partnership with ASD Global Fitness and Nicoletta Segni. Reservation required.

Sup Pilates Retreats

with any Pilates school that wants to be our partner, we organize tailor made Sup Pilates retreats for your customers


Many Personal Trainers and Fitness experts are including Stand up Paddling in their training programs, as it’s a sport that allows you to work at the same time on legs, arms, abdominals, back and neck. 

Very important is not to get the wrong posture on the board, so a beginners lessons of Sup is strongly recommended and essential.

Stand up Paddling is also perfect for cardio-training, if you increase the paddling rhythm from the regular one. Sup Pilates is the perfect sport for development of your physical skills and practicing it on a board increases the balance importance, giving surprising results!

Sup Workout Classes

from April til October, twice a week for one hour and a half on wednesdays and saturdays, we organize SUP Workout lessons at out Giunco Beach base with our SUP instructors and trainers. The lesson is structured with a warm-up, professional paddling basics, paddling time sessions, stretching.